Hair care – find out how to grow hair super long hair

Hair growth is something many women and also many men dreams of, especially when they are dealing with hair shedding or huge hair loss problems. Some people keep wondering what to do to to promote hair growth and what can affect hair growth and this article is going to make you understand this.

Have longer hair but also stronger hair at once.

Healthy hair growth – grow hair in natural way

There are some pro tips that can help you grow your hair way faster in natural way.

Here you will be able to find out what are amazing things that you can do to help your hair grow, just go for it and keep reading the article.

  • you should get frequent trims of your split ends,
  • follow healthy diet,
  • bring some hair-healthy vitamin to your morning routine,
  • try to shampoo less and hydrate way more,
  • try quitting the chemical treatments to your hair,
  • avoid using heat styling tools,
  • brush your hair regularly,
  • try washing your hair with cooler water and focus on your scalp a bit more,
  • you should protect hair from physical damage,
  • use silk pillowcases on pillows that you sleep on.

Find out how to promote hair growth

There are ways, couple of them actually to promote hair growth however you still have to think of two very important steps which are stimulating hair growth and then keeping those hair that you have grown in a healthy condition. Here goes some of the things that you can do to promote your hair growth. Those things that you can do are:

  1. take care of your scalp, you need to clean and and stimulate it,
  2. take all the supplements which are needed like for example collagen or essential B vitamin biotin,
  3. you should protect your hair from everyday stressors like harsh brushing,
  4. keep your hair moisturized,
  5. you should use antioxidants,
  6. you should wear protective hairstyles.


Woman is using a wonderful hair care products

  • taking keratin can improve hair health,
  • pregnant woman produces more estrogen hormone which causes them have a higher ratio of hair follicles in the growing phase,
  • conditioner can help in replacing the fat and protein inside the hair shaft while it also seals in moisture,
  • there is no evidences that hair grow faster overnight,
  • alopecia areata can cause patchy hair loss,
  • there is a theory which says that hair grows faster durning the summer time,
  • wet hair can be damaged way more easily,
  • hair grows about half an inch per each month,
  • hair is made out of keratin and dead skin cells,
  • natural hair needs to wear protective hairstyles,
  • overshampooning your hair can cause broken, dry and brittle hair because of this that the cleanser stripping the hair of its natural oils,
  • hair growth cycle last between 3 months up to 100 days,
  • collagen can in a very good way support hair growth process.


  • you can use castor oil to provide shine to the thinning hair,
  • make a hair mask frim an egg yolk if you hair breaks before it even gets past your shoulders,
  • use detangling brush to prevent breakage of your beloved hair,
  • try scalp massage for potential hair regrowth,
  • avoid doing tight braids or ponytails because it can cause damage to your hair follicle,
  • you can try using rosemary oil to stimulate hair growth, this oil dilates blood vessels which stimulates follicle to produce new hair growth,
  • go for hot oil treatment with use of castor oil to help it grow faster,
  • if you want to boost your hair growth you should keep on with healthy hair habits but also healthy lifestyle,
  • avoid doing cleanse your hair because you will able to notice slower hair growth and also lackluster locks,
  • you can trade hair growth supplements for healthy fats,
  • use cinnamon based mask if you want to stimulate blood circulation,
  • if you want to help retain length you should do some scalp massage with use of natural ingredients.


We all know how many people wants to have stronger, healthier hair that is why we always try everything to avoid hair thinning and what comes after it to make hair grow faster. You should test out what are going to be the best hair growth products for you.

We hope that this article will help you make your hair grow faster. You should also now be aware of this how important it is to have a healthy scalp because only thanks to this you will be able yo make your hair grow faster. As the last words we want to tell you in this article is this that less breakage to your hair means the longer your hair are going to be.

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  1. This is an amazing article! I will now grow super long hair thanks to the article you gave me.

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