Face yoga – what is this and everything about face exercises

Nowaday face yoga exercises became very popular way of self care. Those face exercises are potential alternative to the expensive facial cosmetic treatment. Facial yoga is targeting fecial muscles, lymphatics and skin. In this aticle you may find a way to understand if those exercises work.

Facial yoga means facial exercises

Here we will help you understand what face yoga means. Facial yoga is a mix of facial exercises and facial massage as well. Those things are targeted at your facial muscles, tissue drainage system and skin. You may didn’t know but your face and neck has got many muscles (you might have known about those muscles that are responsible for facial expressions but there are other ones).

Face yoga is a natural option that may bring some lasting results. This technique is using a variety of massages and all exercises that are targeted to your neck, face and shoulders as well.

What are facial muscles?

If you are wondering if all of the facial muscles are the same, they are not. There are in fact two types of facial muscles. Those types are:

  • sleeping muscles,
  • working muscles.

What are the muscles that perform facial expressions?

If you are wondering what muscles perform facial expression you should know that it contains 3 muscles which are:

  • Orbicularis Oculi which is divided into the 3 parts. By this you can understand that Palpebral that is responsible for closing eyelid, Lacrimal which is responsible for tear drainage and Orbital that closes eyelids.
  • Currugator Supercilii this on is drawing eybrows together,
  • Occipitofrontalis this one is responsible for raising eyebrows.

Why should we practice face yoga?

This may not be that obvious that is why we are going to explain this to you. This what face yoga gives us is this that it promotes healthy glow of your skin. Face yoga exercises helps people to lift and also firm the muscles that are under your skin and which smooths lines and wrinkles as well. This massage therapy helps to boost circulation, improves lymphatic drainage but also release tension.

Face yoga exercises to try out at home

If you want to give it a try we will give you couple of exercises to ty out. Here goes the list of the face yoga exercises.

Neck lift

If you want to reach neck lift you should follow couple of simple steps:

  • start with puckering lips over one side just as much as you only can,
  • now when you done with a first step turn the head to that side, lifting your head up at just 45 degree angle,
  • hold this for about three seconds and repeat,
  • do those steps once again to the other side.

Cheek lifter

This face yoga method which is cheek lifter needs you to follow couple of simple steps. Those steps are:

  • open your mouth and form an O position with your upper lip and then smile this will lift cheek muscles,
  • now just place the index fingers on top of your cheek muscles that are going to be directly under your eyes,
  • now you have to release cheek muscles to lower them,
  • then just smile once again and push the muscles up toward the eyes,
  • now just repeat by loweringand lifting the cheeks for about 10 times. When you come to the 10th time you should hold the muscles up as high as you will only be possible and hold it for 20 seconds – repeat three times.

Eyebrows lifter

Woman does her eyebrow lift

If you want to lift your eyebrows this is the right place for you. To do this you should follow these steps:

  • press three fingertips under each of the eyebrows, this will force the eyes to open,
  • while you try to lower the eyebrows you should smile and hold this pose,
  • now just close your eyes and just roll the eyeballs toward the top of the head,
  • hold this pose for about 20 seconds and keep smiling – repeat it for three times.

Face lift

If you want to reach face lift you should follow those simple steps of facial exercise:

  • start with placing both palms on your temples,
  • now just push your hands and back to this position of lifting the sides of the face,
  • then just open your mouth and make an O shape with them,
  • when you shaped your mouth into an O shape drop your jaw to make the face as long as it is only possible,
  • Now get ready for the last step which is holding this pose for about five seconds and repeat it two more times.

Fuller lips

This yoga exercises may help your lips look fuller and you can do that by:

  • bring the lower lip forward to touch your upper lip,
  • now turn upper lip and also lower lips inward and then press them together. It shoud looks like you are trying to hold something with your lips,
  • keep this possition for about 6 seconds and repeat it for about 5 to 10 times.

Jawline yoga method

This exercise may help you with double chin and sagging jawline. You just follow those simple steps:

  • firstly put your elbow on a table and put your fist under your chin,
  • now press upward with your fist while trying to open the jaw,
  • then just hold position for about 6 seconds and repeat this for 5 to 10 times.

Benefits of face yoga

Let’s stat with mentioning this that face yoga exercises provides anti-aging results. However there are other benefits of face yoga as:

  • easing tension,
  • strengthening facial muscles,
  • tightening skin.


  • you should perform facial exercises everyday for about 30 minutes,
  • forehead wrinkles, laugh lines/smile lines or crow’s feet shows up from epetitive facial muscle activity such as frowning,
  • face yoga exercises improves blood circulation, reduce stress, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and prevent sagging skin,
  • there are many face yoga exercises that helps in relaxation for example when it comes to frontalis muscle,
  • you can get rid of face cream for facial rejuvenation and start face yoga.


You may feel grateful when you have already got familiar with this article. You know now what face yoga is and also how to do some exercises on your own at home. Help yourself and do some yoga exercises for your own good and healthy skin!

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  1. I have never heard of such a thing as face yoga but i will for sure try this out! Thanks for letting me know.

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