Wrinkle treatments – find out what are your wrinkle-reducing options

Let’s be honest wrinkles are natrual part of living, they are simply our body’s aging process. However there are people who doesn’t like how wrinkles looks like on they skin, and they dream of getting rid of them. If you are one of those people or you know someone like this you should be aware of possible treatments.

What are wrinkles – skin aging

As we mentioned before all of the people gets wrinkles as they get older it is just aging skin that’s all. Let’s explain each other where mostly wrinkles appear. Winkles appear mostly on the body areas which are mostly in danger of sun exposure which means:

  • face,
  • neck,
  • tops of the forearms,
  • back of the hands.

You should also know that wrinkles falls into two categories. First of them is fine lines and wrinkles that comes to the second category which is deeper furrows.

What causes aging skin

Now when you know what wrinkles are, now you should know what is causing them. It is all caused by the age process, with age skin cells are dividing way slower and also the skin’s inner layer starts thinning. Aging process causes this that skin loses ability to hold on to moisture. However there are also other things that may cause it:

  • smoking which is slowing down skin’s production of collagen,
  • repeated facial expressions,
  • specific skin type,
  • heredity.

Wrinkle treatments

Here you will be able to find out how you can treat wrinkles of yours. Those wrinkle reduction options are:

  • retinoids,
  • micro-needling,
  • derabrasion,
  • microdermabrasion,
  • chemical peels,
  • laser skin resurfacing,
  • injection therapy,
  • facelift.


Retinoids in fact is helping in minimize the lines and wrinkles as well. This is a cool product that also is helpful in healing acne.


Micro-needling uses decive which has got many tiny needles which are poking the skin to create a mini wound in top of the skin layer. This tiny wound heals in couple of minutes and gives you new collagen and elastin.


Dermabrasion wrinkle treatment removes skin layers which helps reducing wrinkles as wel as other kind of irregular skin depressions.


This kind of wrinkle treatment in a very gentle way removes thick or this uneven skin outer layer. This kind of wrinkle treatment is great in treating scarring or hated by many woman stretch marks or sun damage.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are amazing to treat wrinkles but also skin discoloration and scars. Those chemical peels work by exfoliating the outer layer of human skin. This treatment after being applyed will give you smoother and also less wrinkles skin.

Laser skin resurfacing

Woman gets her wrinkles removed with help of a laser

Laser resurfacing is great because it reduces facial wrinkles and all kinds of irregularities which were caused by acne or sun exposure.

This one is in fact amazing in stimulating collagen production which in fact improves the skin texture and what goes after it,it smooth wrinkles.

Injection therapy

There are couple of injection therapies which are botox injections which can reduce wrinkles in a significant way. How does botox reduces wrinkles? Well that’s very easy, it does that by relaxing muscles movements which are responsable for wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are substances which are kinda like a gel, they are injected into the skin which smooth wrinkles. This kind of wrinkle treatment is amazing for wrinkles that were caused by the loss of volume in the face. There are couple types of dermal fillers like:

  • hyaluronic acid,
  • poly l lactic acid,
  • calcium hydroxylapatite,
  • polymethylmethacrylate.


This one is in fact is a surgical procedure at which your healthcare provider will remove excess skin and also fat from the face and neck area. It will also tighten the muscular and the connective tissue layers, and all of these actions will reduce wrinkles.


  • sun exposure can damage collagen that is responsible for elasticity tht your skin needs to prevent wrinkles,
  • retinol stimulates collagen and elastin production which is responsible of fine lines and wrinkles,
  • muscles of in your face are used very often what can cause frown lines for example between your eyebrows,
  • fillers lift skin not only with fine wrinkles but also with deep wrinkles,
  • retinoids can cause your skin to burn way easier so that is why you should use sun protection like you should wear protective clothing and use sunscreen,
  • sunbathing is one of the most common causes of skin problems like wrinkle formation,
  • if you want to get rid of undereye wrinkle you can try using tretments like photodynamic rejuvenation, led light therapy, laser therapy, lifestyle changes, micro-needling, chemical peel, botulinum toxin injections,
  • dermal fillers can give your face more youthful appearance,
  • vitamin C can help boost collagen,
  • botox is good for smile lines, forehead lines, lip lines and other expression lines.


As you could see reading this acticle there are many wrinkle treatment options and there are not only surgical procedures but something way less invasive wrinkle remedies. Take a good care of your skin and have a good kind of skincare routine to take care of your skin health.

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  1. This is just so annoying when people are having wrinkles. I feel like now I know how to deal with that.

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