Hairstyles – find out if hairstyle may harm scalp of yours

You probably have never thought of hairstyle doing any damage to out scalp have you? Well anyhow, that is rigt that certain hairstyles can cause some damage to your scalp. Who doesn’t like slick ponies or tight braids but they may cause some damage and you may even not be aware of that.

What kind of the hairstyles damages hair?

Here you will be able to find out what methoods and tools can cause damage and hair loss. Let’s find out what kind of hairstyles can turn out to be harmfull for us. The list of popular hairstyles that cause potential hair loss:

  • tightlty pulled ponytails,
  • tight braids,
  • wet hair/wet updos,
  • blowout-preserving bun,
  • hair extensions,
  • color-treated hair.

Tightly pulled ponytails

This is the easiest way to keep your hair way from your face. You make this with tight band. For those who often wear ponytails complains that their hair stopped growing. We know how this happens. Even that this hair style is very comfortable it has it’s bad sides. While wearing tight ponytails your hair gets repeatedly broken at the same distance from the scalp which is due to trauma that is caused by a rubber band. So the hair gets damaged by this that whr your hair are being pulled back to the ponytail the hair that is located at the top of the scalp tends to receive the highest traction, and hair loss is most visible on the margins of the scalp and outermost braid hair.

Tight braids

Braids that are way too tight can cause lots of tensile stress. This tensile stress shows up when there is constant tugging on hair follicles. This stress can in fact case hair follicles what can cause this that hair follicle can weaken what can lead to hair loss. To be honest regular tensile stress can lead to huge and serious hair loss conditions like for example traction alopecia. But do not worry you can still wear braids all you have to do is to not braid loose your hair at the scalp.

Wet hair/Wet updos

Now you already know that ponytails and braids can damage your dry hair, so imagine what can happen to wet hair. Here we will explain you what happens when you form an updo with wet hair of yours. At first you should know that hair are the most delicate when they are wet. That is why when your hair are drying in a up dos it pulls even more, which simply results in thinning hair or hair loss. That is exactly why you shouldn’t hair tie your wet hair.

Blowout-preserving bun

Some people likes to sleep with hair in a bun may be helpful to preserve a professional blowout, howeer it can also cause some serious damage to your overall haircare. You should know that preserving bun can in fact create tangles and also may tug on the hair while you will be sleeping.

Hair extensions

Woman with long hair extensions

At first let’s explain each other what extensions even are, those are used by women to make short hair looks like long hair and also way thicker. Let’s start with being honest, there is no hair extensions that are going to be good for your hair, not even if there will be used the best application in the whole enitre world. Let’s say it in a very easy way, there are hundreds of hair tugging on your every simple hair that is on your head hanging from your scalp, sounds the worst right? Hair extensions creates knots at the newest hair.

Color-treated hair

Let’s be honest, sometimes color-treated hair can cause lots of troubles than it is all worth it. However there are things that can be done to reduce those damages. Those things are for example choosing the that is close to your natural hair color.

Can wrong hairstyle cause permanent hair loss?

That is right that we all should avoid wearing hairstyles that pull on your hair. If you will lead to follicle damage you will not be able to grow your hair. So since you will be wearing hairstyles that lead to damaging hair follicle you will be able to develop pernament hair loss.


  • tight hair can cause not only damage that comes over time but also huge tension which can cause permanent hair loss,
  • traction alopecia can be cause by wearing tight hairstyles for a long period of time,
  • there are hair accessories that damage your hair, which are for example narrow hair clips, ropes and normal clips,
  • changing your hairstyle position can be very helpful in taking care of hair,
  • certain hairstyles can cause no hair growth or even cause hair loss,
  • if you want to add a bit of glossy shine to your hair you can use shine spray,
  • even your reliable hairstyle can cause some damage if you won’t be aware what cause hair damage,
  • tight elastics can create split ends,
  • medical term of hair loss is alopecia,
  • first sign of hair loss is this that you will gradual thinning on top of head.


Now you know what are the most damaging hairstyles and what to do to prevent breakage of your hair. We should be aware that all kind of different hairstyles can be worn but in the right way not to harm your scalp. Do everything what is needed for your hair restoration, take care about your hair health cuz you know now how to do it.

Now you know how to wear your hair right, that is why you should start do it and avoid doing harm to your scalp. There is a healthcare specialist that takes care about scalp care so if you are having troubles with it and can’t deal with it on your own contact him/her.

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  1. I would never know that some hairstyles can hurt my scalp! Thanks for letting me know that and I will now take care about it even more.

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