Are silicones bad for skin as they say? Let’s find out if they are causing any damage to our skin

There are many products in the world of the skin care that may include silicones. You have probably sometime picked a cream of maybe foundation and after you applyed this on your face you had a feeling like it is soft and slippery? This is probably done by the silicones that were in your skin care products. Many comapnies uses it to give their costumers in fact a false feeling that their skin is smooth, however it doesn’t have long term benefits. Keep reading the article to find out more about silicones in cosmetics.

What is silicone?

At fist we should start with explaining you what silicone is. Silicone is not a natural ingredient becuase it is synthetic and also has chemical additives. Silicone is in fact derived from silica and other sort of elements like polymers which compounds made up from alternating silicon and oxygen atoms. It is not a natural ingredient however it is made form natural ingredients.

Why silicones are bad for skin care?

Here you will be able to find out why those silicones that are included in skincare products are bad for your skin.

Silicones cause clogged pores

Let’s start with this that silicones traps almost everything like for example bacterias, dirt, sebum and impurities in your skin. How does it do that? It is forming a barrier on your skin’s surface. What is also very important to be known is this that silicones also can cause pores to enlarge, as well as it can encourage blackheads and acne to start forming. Silicones that are found on your skin not only are clogging pores but can affect natural process of sweating which means that your skin will not be able to breath.

Silicones blocks other ingredients

Now let’s start with this that silicones doesn’t let other ingredients and products working their full potentials. How does it happen? Well that is easy, it happens because it creates a barrier which can’t let your skin to absorb into the skin just like they are supposed to. This simply are less effective which means that you will not be getting this kind of benefits that are supposed to come from used product.

Silicones can cause skin irritation, acne and breakouts

Let’s start with this that silicones are very hard to get off and also they can build up on the skin’s surface what can lead to acne. Those things can cause irritations for those people who have sensitive skin. Also if you are someone who has oily and acne prone skin those silicones products may even worsen acne.

Silicones dehydrates skin

Silicones that can be found in skin care products prevents the moisture from getting into your skin what can cause this that your skin’s pH level can be affected. This can cause this that your skin will get dry and also cause it to be dull skin. Dehydrated skin it can cause fine lines, wrinkles, flakiness or dullness.

Silicones slows down cell turnover

Silicones in fact slows down cell turnover which means that it traps dead skin cells what makes it harder for your skin to shed dead layers on the skin. This also may slow down the process of new cells to come to the skin’s surface. Silicones are blocking humans skin from creating new cells what can couse a lot of harm.

Silicones are difficult to be removed from the skin

Woman is taking care of her skin

One more outcome for your skin that comes from silicones is this that they are hard to be removed from your skin. Silicones leaves lots of coating on the skin surface and the reason why it happens is becuse silicones are heavy. Skin care products which includes silicones doesn’t absorb into the skin what means this that they are going to pile up on your skin.

What are silicone based products?

There are silicones that are used in beauty products like:

  • foundations,
  • makeup primers,
  • moisturizers,
  • hair care products,
  • concealers.

As you can see there are many silicones in skin care that are used everyday!


  • reason why people uses silicones based beauty products is this that they are way cheaper than natural ingredients,
  • silicones doesn’t support skin health, it doesn’t have any kind of benefits for any skin type,
  • silicon is one of the active ingredients that is included in facial creams,
  • silicones can be effective in wound healing as well as scar reduction,
  • people show however know that there is no reason to avoid silicones unless you are having a known allergy to them,
  • silicones are chemical what means they goes through a chemical process which means it synthetic,
  • there are volatile and non-volatile types of silicones that are used in skin care and hair care.


  • people with different skin issues should stop using silicone containing products from their skincare routine,
  • if you want to get rid of your clog pores you should stop using products that contains silicones,
  • if you want to traps moisture in your body use moisturizer that contains Dimethicone.


You should now know everything about silicone products that you use or consider using. Do everything that will help you prevent breakouts on your skin. Skin care is very important that is why you should know what kind of makeup products are going to be good for your skin.

Are there some other skin care ingredients that you would like to know about?

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  1. I would never say that silicones can do that much of harm. I love it here and I will for sure come back often for more articles.

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